Double Check your Tags

A new client approached me regarding their site’s recent drop in the search engines. After a quick initial review, part of the problem was immediately evident. A glance at the source code revealed that the meta keywords tag was used incorrectly. While not all search engines use the meta keywords tag, this glaring mistake set off alarms to carefully check the rest of the code.

Sure enough, the person who created the site overlooked simple SEO techniques. Title tags were meaningless, img tags were missing their alt attributes and had names like “picture1.jpg”

Since all these basic SEO techniques were missing, I quickly became concerned about how the site had originally achieved high rankings to begin with. My first and worst fear was that a Black Hat SEO firm had engaged their skullduggery and gotten my new client banned. Luckily, this was not the case. The site had, drum roll please… content!

Now, as I’ve stated before content is king. The beauty of the site was that with all the glaring problems, the site had been rather high in the SERPS.

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